Automatic Sliding Doors
Dublin roller shutters and doors design, manufacture and install automatic sliding door systems to your specification suiting applications including Single Sliding and Bi Parting versions controlled by numerous activation methods. All our installations meet or exceed current safety legislation. Automatic sliding doors are very popular choice for almost any large entrance for retail, commercial, industrial and security applications.

Automatic Swing Doors
Automatic Swing Door operators can be installed to meet various needs ranging from DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requirements to simply improving customer convenience. Automatic swing doors are generally specified in areas where pedestrian traffic is low or where an automatic sliding door cannot be installed.

Application Variations
Dublin roller shutters and doors can offer solutions for a wide and varied type of sliding and swing door applications, including:- High Speed Automatic Doors, Fast Roll Doors, Fast Rise Doors, Rapid Roll Doors, Speed Doors and Fold Up Doors

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