Dock levelers with a hydraulically operated hinge lip create a perfect, safe and user-friendly bridge between the work floor in the building and the floor of a truck. When loading or unloading, materials handling equipment can be moved in and out of the vehicle across an even surface, continuously and in perfect safety.

Key features

  • a chassis
  • a deck, with a hinge lip at the front
  • a hydraulic system that operates the deck and lip, consisting of a power pack and a deck and lip cylinder
  • a control panel with operating controls
  • low pressure hydraulic deck and hinge lip cylinder
  • suitable for all sizes and types of trucks
  • controlled speed of descent
  • extremely high quality through robotized production
  • power pack in front: easy maintenance
  • in case of power failure: continue to (un-)load
  • extra safety hydraulic valve
  • maintenance strut with safety catch
  • finishing: blasted / primered / painted
  • CE marking approved
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